Dynah Mite and The Great Art Heist Jay Bright


Published: November 18th 2013

Kindle Edition

81 pages


Dynah Mite and The Great Art Heist  by  Jay Bright

Dynah Mite and The Great Art Heist by Jay Bright
November 18th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 81 pages | ISBN: | 5.14 Mb

Fabulous adventure book with an educational twist for kids aged 7+ Hey there! My name is Dynah Mite and this is my first awesome mission. It all starts on an ordinary day. Well, as ordinary as a day could be in my family (which isnt very ordinary at all by the way!). Boy, oh boy, was I in for a surprise! Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be a Super Secret Agent and go on crazy missions to catch the bad guys? Well, one day I found out that my family (even grandma with her CARRAZZYYY hairstyles and my dog, Rigsby) were agents in the F.B.B. (Fabulous Baddie Busters), and that I was about to be sent on my very first mission.

Alonzo LArtiste and his ugly gang of art theives have been robbing famous paintings from all over the world, and replacing them with their own terrible ones (and when I say terrible I mean TERRIBLE!!!!!). Van Goghs Sunflowers picture has disappeared and has been replaced by the Bum Flowers (how rude is that!), and the Mona Lisa in Paris has been swiped and replaced with The Moaning Loser. You should see the pictures of Alonzos paintings in the book, they are awful!

Loads of other paintings have gone too. The paintings the gang have snatched are worth millions and squillions of dollars or pounds! And it was up to me and Rigsby (my awesome Agent dog) to find the Art Heist Gang, and get the paintings back. Armed with an F.B.B. backpack crammed with Super Agent Gadgets (plus a few additional items from my mum) Alonzo and his ugly bunch of art theives didnt stand a chance! Jump on board for a non-stop adventure as I leap into my first Super Agent mission to Paris, France. Educational as well as hilarious!

Dynahs stories are also a great educational introduction to interesting subjects for your children. In this first adventure you will find Dynahs Notes at the end of the book with great facts about France (there are even some French words to learn), Paris, and great artists such as DaVinci, Van Gogh, Monet and Mondrian. Kids are encouraged to find out more and explore further, as well as create a picture to share on the dynahmite.com website.

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