The Bonus March: An Episode of the Great Depression Roger Daniels

ISBN: 9780837151748

Published: October 28th 1971


370 pages


The Bonus March: An Episode of the Great Depression  by  Roger Daniels

The Bonus March: An Episode of the Great Depression by Roger Daniels
October 28th 1971 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 370 pages | ISBN: 9780837151748 | 9.43 Mb

Although some of the Bonus Expeditionary Forces story remains unknown -- not a whole lot of written archives outside of self-serving memoirs and the U.S. governments snow job -- this book digs deep and remains definitive 42 years later as the closest approximation of a chaotic reality. Heres what we know for sure: Communists were a negligible (and bumbling) part of the the Bonus March, and indeed nearly all veterans in the BEF had nothing but contempt for Communism.

Gen. Pelham Glassford, often derided as an overly accommodating and friendly agent of order was absolutely effective in preventing violence: the only two deaths as a result of the march happened as the result of chaos and confusion, and Glassford contained these tragedies effectively.

And finally, Daniels demonstrates that the Federal government was either unknowingly acting on misinformation in evicting the BEF, or deliberately gaming the situation to rationalize a military expulsion of veterans.Other elements of the book -- especially his history of military pensions, and his detailed examination of how FDR handled later bonus marches, were also new to me.

I hope this can be resurrected as mandatory reading soon.

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