1001 Incredible Tennis Games, Drills & Tips! Tina Hoskins

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203 pages


1001 Incredible Tennis Games, Drills & Tips!  by  Tina Hoskins

1001 Incredible Tennis Games, Drills & Tips! by Tina Hoskins
| Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 203 pages | ISBN: 9780965881401 | 4.30 Mb

This is one of the most complete, detailed books of tennis games,drills, and tips for singles and doubles, for juniors ages 8 thru seniors 60 and over. Illustrated with drawings and diagrams with tips on stroke development and how to hit them, which is best for you?

You choose. The first and second serve, the return, the forehand, backhand, the volley (drop,haft,touch, and lob volley) the lob, (defensive & offensive), the overhead, the approach (chip), passing shots, the drop shot, touch shots, mental maintenance and more. Also, you will find winning strokes and the strategy to use behind them, analysis of winning shots, and the more effective shots for specific game situations.

You will be able to develop a fun, educational, and effective program that will help to improve your students or childs tennis playing ability, with or without the aid of tennis teaching professionals. Additionally, you will be able to keep building onto your training programs as your st!

udents or childs needs grow. With the many diverse games for challenge, drills to help improve strokes, and specific strategic methods for singles and doubles including tips to help you find a method of executing a specific stroke, or how to defend against a specific style of play. Now delve frontwards, backwards, sideways, and any which way you can into the super abundance of information that lies before you.

Develop your own program from beginning to end, and above all have FUN!!!

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